Teresa Roberts
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 50

What are the modern-day free spirits doing? How do we break away from the pack to lead a life that is better suited to our individual desires? Teresa Roberts contends that there is good reason to be hopeful as the world is surprisingly full of excellent role models for our inspiration and creative endeavors. While having found her own road to freedom as a world traveller, international house sitter and digital nomad, she insists that no one should follow in her footsteps. Instead, she suggests that we all can reach deep inside and tap into that creative well that is within us, finding our own unique path to freedom. Filled with stories about freedom lovers from all over the world, many of whom Teresa has met personally, as well as helpful suggestions, this book is intended to be part resource guide and part inspiration with a philosophical twist. If you long for a different way of doing ...
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