Thomas Sears
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 32

The genesis of this ebook came about after reading over 2000 emails from people the world over: people who were inspired by the bear story and images on my web site and wrote me saying: “Your delightful photos are a treasure for the world” (from Australia),” Wonderful pictures of black bears!” (from France), “Your work is unsurpassed” (from Canada), “Made my heart soar!” (from Airlie), “I write this with tears streaming down my face, overcome by the majesty of nature. I don’t think that I will ever forget the quiet dignity that your photos conveyed so eloquently”. (from California), and many more.I have expanded the text from that shown on my web page and added a section about a third generation that came upon the scene in 2011. There are 24 photos of which 16 are new. And with the Kindle you can zoom in on each photo and see a cubs face or a glint in its eye and ...
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