Simon Haynes
Publisher: Bowman Press
Pages: 758

"I read it at a sitting and couldn't put it down." - Tom HoltHal Spacejock Omnibus One contains three full-length novels plus a bonus short story.Here's what you get:A Robot Named Clunk (Hal Spacejock Book 1)Clunk, a clapped-out robot, is convinced he's about to be junked. Instead, his penny-pinching boss is sending him off to be refurbished. Being old and wise, Clunk knows there's a catch, but at first it doesn't seem too bad. He just has to help a freelancer pick up some cargo.Unfortunately, Hal Spacejock - the freelancer - is obstinate, over-confident, and woefully under-skilled, and he's never going to let a lowly robot fly his precious ship.Is there any chance this pair of misfits can lift off, collect the cargo and deliver it in one piece? Or will they fly straight into the nearest star, still bickering and fighting over the controls?Second Course (Hal Spacejock Book 2)Hal ...
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