Michelle Read
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 138

Do You Love Fiction? Do You Think Moms Need a Place to Tell Our Story?Get your copy of the novel that forces everyday mothers to save the world.When Erin Young begins socializing with her new peers after moving back to her hometown, she immediately feels out of place. Everyone around her seems to be carrying a secret, and like any girl who feels "outside the clique", Erin is desperate to discover the truth. Why would this group of women, led by her best friend but seemingly spear-headed by the mysterious Azura Dane, be whispering in the halls like school girls?While keeping busy at the elementary school and unpacking from the move back home, Erin makes it her mission to unearth the secrets this small town seems to be harboring. Spying on neighbors soon leads her much deeper into the secret group than she had intended, and Erin is forced to choose a life that she knows nothing ...
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4.5 stars from 35 ratings
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