Jennifer Wixson
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 272

Two women downsized by corporate America move to Maine to raise chickens and sell organic eggs, and discover more than they bargained for, including love! A gentle-read romance, "Hens and Chickens" is the first book in the five-volume Sovereign Series by Maine farmer and author Jennifer Wixson.The Sovereign Series is set in the mythical farming town of Sovereign, Maine (pop. 1,048) noted for goodhearted and lovable characters, who weave in and out of the five novels like old friends dropping in for a cup of tea. "Peas, Beans and Corn," the second book in the series, was released to rave reader reviews in June 2013 and the much-anticipated third book, "The Songbird of Sovereign," was published July 19, 2014. The fourth installment, "The Minister's Daughter," was published in the fall of 2015 and the fifth and final book in the series, "Maggie's Dilemma," in October 2017. You can follow ...
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