C.B. Day
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 195

Hope Carmichael's entire life has been defined by her random abduction by a stranger at age 4. Now 15, and hoping to escape the constricting life imposed by her father, she moves back to Atlanta to live with her estranged mother. Once there she enjoys her newfound freedom and blossoms under the unexpected friendship of an enigmatic and charismatic boy who takes her under her wing. As she gets drawn into helping a young victim of human trafficking as part of a school project, however, she discovers her abduction all those years ago may not have been so random, and her friend, Michael, may not be what he seems.Fans of the supernatural and of paranormal romance will be drawn in by the plucky and headstrong character of Hope, rooting for her as she takes on the odds to define her own destiny, including her relationship with Michael, no matter what her past -- and her future -- has in ...
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