Dusti Reynolds
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 278

Do you believe in ghosts? Misty would’ve answered no, but that was before her father died. Now, she isn't so sure.In the aftermath of a disastrous childhood, Misty did the only thing she could. She ran far away from her abusive father. Now that he’s dead, she learns that their connection has not been severed the way she expected. She soon realizes that death is not as final as she thought it was.During an unfortunate mishap while trying to communicate with the dead, Misty is overwhelmed by the ghosts around her. She looks for help in every direction as death tries to pull her in. She eventually learns about someone else watching, waiting, and that someone may have answers to questions she is too afraid to ask.In the end, only she can decide where to place her trust and how far she is willing to go to understand what is happening to her.What would it take to make you believe?The ...
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