Jean Pardue
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 89

35 Chicken Appetizers - Spice Up Your Next Party with ChickenPlanning a party and don't know what to serve? Don't get stressed out - get 35 Chicken Appetizers you can make quick & easy! All conveniently located on your Kindle with step by step instruction.No matter if you are planning a Super Bowl event, a golf day party or just having friends over, this cookbook delivers appetizers your guests will adore and they are made with healthy poultry. What could be better?Make sure your chicken appetizers become everyone's favorites at family gatherings and special occasions by preparing these tasty Chicken Appetizer Recipes compiled by Jean Pardue."The main thing that impressed me was the number and variety of chicken appetizer recipes .." - MWJ Now it will be so much fun to have a quick and easy chicken hors d'oeuvre cooked ahead of time with this great selection you have to choose from ...
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