James Somers
Publisher: Grace Publishing
Pages: 273

A heavenly war rages among the Fallen that threatens to tear Victorian era England asunder. As the Descendants of these angelic warriors take sides in the escalating conflict, Brody West arrives with his father from America, only to find that his role in this firestorm is far greater than he ever could have imagined!THE DESCENDANTS SAGA answers Where the creatures of mankind's myths and legends really came from...and their plans to subjugate humanity and dominate the world!DESCENDANT: DESCENDANTS SAGA BOOK TWO - NOW AVAILABLE!*Bonus Preview of "THE SERPENT KINGS" included*OTHER FANTASY NOVELS BY JAMES SOMERS:The Serpent Kings Saga: Omnibus EditionPerdition's Gate: Inferno EditonThe Realm Shift TrilogyPercival StrangeA World WithinThe Chronicles of Soone: books 1 & 2BIBLE STUDIES BY PASTOR SOMERS:What's So Great About Salvation?Predestination, Election & the Sovereignty of GodCan My ...
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4 stars from 231 ratings
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