Craig Saunders
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 317

'For fans of Gemmell, Eddings and Erikson: Heroic, epic fantasy.'There are no more kings on Sturma. The Thief King, Roskel Farinder, remains the Lord Protector of the country, but he is no king. The Hierarchy amass on Sturman borders and it is left to true heroes to save Sturma and Rythe herself.But this is a battle that cannot be won with the blade and bow. There are still witches, though...still those who have power and hold to the old ways. In the face of overwhelming odds, only a woman's magic can save the world and a woman's magic is a terrible thing.Selana, the head of the Witches' Covenant, knows this only too well. To stand a chance of defeating the Hierophant and his forces, she must call forth the most terrible magic of all. She must show the world the power of The Queen of Thieves.Editor Faith Kauwe.Cover Art Chris Taggart.
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