Kevin McGill
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 238

In this next installment of Nikolas and Company, Fourteen-year-old Nick and friends find themselves on a journey to Earth's magical moon,, and the great city of Huron. Called by the voice of Huron to stop the Rone's advancement of evil, Nick’s first task is to alert the city council of Huron. Expecting his job to be an easy one, he quickly finds himself stopped by the wicked sheriff of Huron, Cyrus Gorringe. Meanwhile, Yeri finally delivers Lir, the merman’s message to Nikolas, but is his task complete?__________________________________Join Nikolas and his motley crew of friends as they time travel from an apocalyptic Earth to a fantastic moon thousands of years in the past. Nikolas will hear the call of a mysterious woman, battle evil drones, fly malfunctioning hover trucks, run from other-worldly monsters, witness the blue and yellow fire of blood-thirsty water dragons, and travel ...
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