Madeline Lepore Martin
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 29

Have you ever walked along a dirt road or next to train tracks and found a really cool bottle cap, or a penny dating way back to before you were born, or maybe even a rail spike? You were probably pretty darn happy about your new discovery. Well, imagine how 10 year-old Butchie McGonigal felt when, while walking along the railroad tracks near his home, he found a real, live dog.“Butchie and the Bird Dog” is a sweet story of a boy and his extraordinary dog, Max. To the amazement of Butchie, his best friend, Morgan, and his mom, and dad, Max decides to take up residence on top of the block wall in their backyard. When the reason for this unusual behavior is revealed, Max becomes a hero and Butchie is the proud owner of one very special canine.“Butchie and the Bird Dog” is perfect for third, fourth, and fifth grade readers.
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