Lise McClendon
Publisher: Thalia Press
Pages: 212

"Lise McClendon expertly probes the mystery of human desires" Isabel and Jonny could hardly be more different. He grew up in the suffocating atmosphere of a small midwestern town where he had no choice but to play accordion in his father's polka band. Isabel grew up rich in the Chicago suburbs but dreamed of independence and a life in science. Both of them had to run away to find themselves. Both of them had to come back to find each other.Just because Jonny Knobel hasn't touched the accordion for years means nothing to his father and his beloved polka band. When an emergency calls him home, he obeys reluctantly, only because his life in the city isn't going well either. Next door a crew of college kids is studying bees, and making mischief. The mysteriously rude crew chief, Isabel, arrives with her own fresh heartache. Can two such different people attract?They couldn't be more ...
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