Dennis Butler
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 209

Somewhere in the Bolivian rain forest, the cure for cancer is alive and well but guarded by unseen evil forces. It may take the ghost of a beautiful spirit to lead us there.Carlo Diamante wonders if the beautiful and mysterious woman he keeps seeing is stalking him. If she is stalking him, why does she keep disappearing in the crowd when he approaches her? He wonders if she is just an illusion. Perhaps she is a dream woman created by his vivid imagination. Carlo finally confides in his very ill sister who tells him there is something very special about this woman and that Carlo needs to find her. Meanwhile, another mystery is unfolding in the jungles of the Amazon. Carlo doesn’t know it yet but there is a connection between the mystery girl on the subway and the mystery unfolding in the jungle. Carlo has never believed in miracles, but his life is about to change forever. Maybe ...
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