L. Ron Hubbard
Publisher: Galaxy Press
Pages: 240

"A classic tale of creeping, surreal menace and horror... one of the really, really good ones." — Stephen King"What I am writing is really psychological fantasies, on the order of L. Ron Hubbard's Fear, which impressed me very much and still does. Without Fear I would never have come up with what I do." —Philip K. Dick"A true scare." —Ray Bradbury "FEAR is L. Ron Hubbard's finest work!" —Robert Bloch, Author of Psycho"A classic novel that shows a thorough grasp of human psychology." —Pop CultureProfessor James Lowry doesn't believe in ghosts, the supernatural, the surreal, or any type of dark fantasy. Not until a gentle spring evening when his hat disappeared, and suddenly he couldn't remember the last four hours of his life. Now, the quiet university town of Atworthy is changing - slightly at first, then faster and more frighteningly each time he tries to remember. Lowry is pursued by ...
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4 stars from 119 ratings
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