Bryan Pedas
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 334

Demetri Gainer is suffering from a terminal case of frugality. He has more than most—a million dollars, a house in a beautiful community, and a loving sister. Unfortunately, his money is in wads of cash left behind by his dead family, his house is a rusted metal trailer dumped off in the corner of a very unhappy yuppie housing development, and his sister is severely disabled and unable to do much more than eat her weight in food and watch cartoons. Because taking care of her is its own full time job, he has to make that million dollars last for the rest of his life, even if it means not having one of his own. But it’s not just money hindering Demetri’s life. The community’s Home Owner’s Association is making every attempt to rid him from his eyesore of a home, citing an outdated, archaic law stating that only wholesome, married families are able to care for a disabled child. ...
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