Craig Allen
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 62

Vampires. Blood. Coffee.There's no way a woman as gorgeous as Clara would give a guy like James the time of day, much less lead him off the train to a secluded locale. Now his life and memory evaporate like water in the desert.Bit by bit, James loses what makes him human. His phone number, his address, his career--even his father's name are soon forgotten, and it won't stop there. As his memory and life fade, they are replaced by an evil that has long since filled Clara and her brood to the core.After dark, away from the light that would destroy them, James wanders the city with Clara, watching as she takes the lives of innocents so she may survive. As his mind drains away, as his humanity is slowly replaced by an ancient monster, he knows there is more to lose than just his memory.For when the evil finally consumes him, when there is nothing left but a monster among monsters, there ...
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