Robert Bryndza, Ján Bryndza
ASIN: B0092FW64M
Publisher: Team Bryndza Books
Pages: 251

From Robert Bryndza, the author of the smash hit Coco Pinchard series... Bitch Hollywood is based on his real experiences working as a writer in Hollywood'So funny! This is a quick read because you can't put it down My ribs are still sore from laughing so hard!''British Humour Meets Hollywood!!!''Dark, Hilarious, a great story''A good ride into the seedy side of Hollywood Blvd''Having spent time in Hollywood and Palm Springs with friends in the industry, I recognize the authenticity of this book!'When handsome twenty-five year old Fillip wins the American Green Card Lottery, his dreams of working in movie industry come a leap closer. But Hollywood is a huge shock, moving from his cosy, comfortable life in London to the cut-throat world of Tinseltown.Then a stroke of luck first meeting leads to a job with fading actress Veronica Madison - a movie star on the verge of a nervous breakdown. ...
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