Shanna Hatfield
ASIN: B0093E5RS4
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 266

Caffeine wasn't the only thing that drew him to the coffee shop,He needed his daily fix of The Coffee Girl...On the eve of her thirtieth birthday, Brenna Smith has a few goals in mind:* Introduce herself to the hunky construction guy she runs into every morning at the coffee shop.* Give her detestable boss a piece of her mind right before she quits.* Open a bistro.* Find the man who haunts her dreams.Handsome and charming Brock McCrae owns a successful construction company and enjoys time spent with friends. However, he still has a few items on his to-do list:*Find a place to call home.*Get a dog.*Work up the courage to ask the quirky woman he knows only as the Coffee Girl out on a date.Will the two of them connect over more than a cup of java?Scroll up and grab your copy today!
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