Ken Altabef
Publisher: Cat's Cradle Press
Pages: 41

A young Inuit shaman undertakes a mythic odyssey in search of his headman’s lost soul. The journey takes him to the dark side of the Moon, the dreamlands and the horrific Underworld in this imaginative story of arctic fantasy and adventure, excerpted from the novel "Discovering the Way". From 'In the Land of the Dead': Dripping starlight like shiny water, the immense, ululating body of the Whale-Man breached the Moon’s horizon, filling half the sky with his slick, black form. The great spirit turned to face Ulruk, pointing his rostrum directly at the young shaman. His mouth, full of glittering baleen, was not turned down as typical of a bowhead whale, but upturned at the corners giving the appearance of a friendly smile. He was completely black, except for an irregular pattern of white skin splashed across the lower lip which gave the impression of a beard ...
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