Elaine La Joie
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Pages: 60

The Empath, or highly sensitive, artistic, intuitive person, wants bonded, happy family relationships and soul mate partnerships. Yet many times the Empath becomes caught playing out the roles of the Archetypal Drama Triangle, which always lead to unhappy relationship outcomes. In this book learn the three roles of Drama, how the Empath tends to play these roles, and how the Empath can stay off the Triangle and instead spend energy building happy, loving relationships. The author, Elaine La Joie, has spent ten years as a shaman and certified life coach specifically helping Empaths with their personal transformation so they can create happier, more fulfilled lives and relationships. The Empath and the Archetypal Drama Triangle is the first in the series, Empath as Archetype, in which Elaine shows her clients how overarching patterns common to Empaths as described by the Enneagram Type ...
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