MJ Mancini
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 433

Michael Raphael finds his sanity in question when his estranged daughter is abducted for use in a satanic ritual to prevent the Second Coming of Christ.During a bizarre, plot-twisting plunge into ancient myths, secret societies and modern day peril, Michael is guided by Nicholas Nevsky, a religious theologian living deep in the mountains of Bulgaria, who hides some secrets of his own. Thrust into a world few realize exist, Michael is forced to face his mysterious past while enduring the vile underbelly of the darkest side of human existence.“Revelation” is the first in a trilogy of novels written by one of the most identifiable and creative authors of our time. MJ Mancini has taken an age-old tale and crafted it into a modern thriller sure to titillate and satisfy.Set in modern day Rome and Bulgaria, this intellectual thriller has been hailed as the next epic trilogy that is sure ...
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4.5 stars from 47 ratings
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