Clive Mullis
ASIN: B0094132WE
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 430

Somewhere, stuck between the universes, lurks the city of Gornstock.Private Investigator, Jack Cornwallis, delves into Gornstock’s murky underworld with the help of Frankie and his new trainee sleuth.The case seems simple enough: just the ordinary murder of an accountant's cleaner.But the clues reveal that murder is the least of his problems: the all-powerful ruling body, the misogynistic Assembly of the Morris Council, being just one of them.Can the detectives solve the crime before the crime solves them?A light-hearted fantasy detective novel, Banker’s Draft grabs hold of reality, turns it upside down, then spits it out sideways.Pick up Banker’s Draft today and discover a quirky new world.
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