Julia Bell
Publisher: Julia Bell Romantic Fiction
Pages: 395

In September 2020 Songbird was awarded finalist winner with Readers' Favourite in the historical romance section.In March 2019 Songbird: (The Songbird Story - Book One) won a Chill Book Premier Readers' Award (see comments below).In 2016 Songbird was featured in Baer Book Press as the best opening line in a historical romance.Isabelle Asquith has only one ambition in life and that is to become an opera singer. To do this she must attend The Royal Academy of Music in London and become classically trained. Isabelle is a widow and has a young son to support and the fees for the academy are beyond her means as a music teacher. Her only recourse is to apply for the annual scholarship.In the summer of 1885 after losing the scholarship for a second time and eager to earn more money, she decides to answer an advertisement. This simple act and the meeting of a mysterious man called ‘Karl’ will ...
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4.5 stars from 33 ratings
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