Adam Bertocci
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 26

Brett has always been protective of his little sister Ellie—to a fault. When a fight with her boyfriend brings her home unexpectedly, he returns himself—to comfort her, like he thinks a big brother should.In their first hours back in their childhood home, he discovers the toll that time has taken on their bond. They're definitely not kids any more. But the jury's still out on how 'grown up' Brett really is.Award-winning writer and filmmaker Adam Bertocci has been praised by Entertainment Weekly, USA Today, The New Republic, GQ, The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Back Stage, Broadway World, E!, Maxim, IGN, Wired, Film Threat and more. In this melancholy short story, he reflects on family, maturity, mourning, coming home and letting go.This electronic edition also includes the essay "How the Story Grew Up", detailing the author's process in finding and shaping "The Land of ...
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