Eva Maria Chapman
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 363

Sasha & Olga is a gripping saga of betrayal, love, suffering and redemption. It is the book Eva Chapman has written, to honour her parents Sasha and Olga, whose lives were incubated in the crucible of suffering and madness, that gripped twentieth century Eastern Europe.Olga escapes from Communist Czechoslovakia with baby Eva in tow. She is not only escaping from tyranny but also from Eva’s father’s family who want to snatch the baby back. Mother and child embark on a ship to Australia as refugees. She meets Sasha on board who falls in love with Olga and her child. Even though he marries Olga he cannot help her overcome her past trauma. Eva bears the brunt of Olga’s extreme and violent mood swings. Olga suffers severe post natal depression after the birth of Valentina . The sudden and unexpected birth of Alexandra several years later tips Olga into psychosis. She believes the new baby to ...
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