Tom Conrad
ASIN: B00965EGN2
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 144

It's about life, love, and everything in-betweenMeet Frankie, a somewhat deluded, slightly naïve, punctuation rebel; and Abbey, a smart, ambitious, and savvy stickler with a penchant for semicolons. In this back to front romance, we follow the loved-up pair "twirting" around the fanciful fringes of London town – having a right ole time of it. Indeed, Frankie couldn't be happier, finally having met a girl far curvier than even the most fulsome of punctuation marks. Cue the eponymous semicolon; a winky blighter destined to royally mess things up. In fact, the semicolon seems intent to mark its territory; all too soon representing far more than the lovers’ stance on punctuation alone. That Semicolon Bitch Had to Die is a wild and errant love story featuring a most unlikely of threesomes. Or, to put it another way: When two writers fall in and out of love, punctuation is bound to ...
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