Susan Larson
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 220

Ruthie is an angry, sassy-mouthed kid obsessed with ponies. Her incessant begging for a pony has driven her parents to the end of their patience. Ruthie's luck changes when her family goes upstate to live on The Farm.  She gets - not the pretty pony of her dreams - but Sam, who is huge, ugly, and has some anger issues of his own.  Kid and horse work out their problems and fall in love, while her parent's marriage disintegrates and her Dad leaves. Rough times follow; Ruthie feels that the whole world has turned against her. Lash out at the world though she may, she holds tight to her horse, who carries her through the raging storms of her adolescence.  Will she learn Sam's lessons in patience and understanding? Can she save herself, her family, and her horse? Sam knows the answer.
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