Matthew Whitehead
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 364

Mama’s Boys is a heroic and haunting story that centers on two misfit brothers who live in a small Georgia town. They wake up one morning to find their father has abandoned them. Their mother is uncaring and prone to sudden, violent outbursts. The brothers don’t get along with their teachers or classmates. Their only comfort is each other, where they do their best, though often unsuccessfully, to stay out of trouble. Life improves when another awkward youth, Kyle, moves into their trailer park. The boys become good friends, but the brothers soon learn their new buddy comes with some baggage. That baggage is Pete: the abusive, over-controlling boyfriend of their friend’s mother. The boys seek out distractions from their confusing home lives, but this only leads to more trouble. Soon they have to confront what’s happening at home when Pete becomes even more aggressive and violent. ...
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