Susie Kelly
ASIN: B0096Q8T5M
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 258

A quirky, hilarious and endearing mix of personal travel adventure and French history.Susie’s cycling adventure follows the route taken by Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette on their abortive escape from the French Revolution and their journey back to their executions. After a hair-raising journey through Paris that nearly ends in her own execution by traffic, she finds a little-known area of northern France full of history, flowing with champagne, with calm waterways and tranquil countryside bursting with history. Idyllic territory for cyclists. But cyclist she is not. By suggesting an electric bicycle that will get her through the uphill slogs, her husband persuades her that travelling on two wheels is by far the best way to see the little-known, virtually undocumented part of France.From Paris and Versailles, she wobbles on to the vineyards and champagne cellars of Epernay and Reims ...
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