Matthew Copeland
ASIN: B00972NGY4
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Pages: 36

Who is Gary Johnson? Why is he running for President? What does he stand for? Gary Johnson is an awe-inspiring example of a man who has come from nothing and molded himself into a leader. He’s climbed impossible mountains and faced down ridiculously long odds. This book introduces you to the person who SHOULD be our next President.On the fence? With Ron Paul out of the picture for 2012, author Matthew Copeland makes the compelling case in favor of supporting Governor Gary Johnson's long-shot presidential campaign. TABLE OF CONTENTS================================INTRODUCTION: Liberty’s Next ChampionCHAPTER 1: An Inspiring ManCHAPTER 2: Building a Real BusinessCHAPTER 3: The Unlikely GovernorCHAPTER 4: A Return to PoliticsCHAPTER 5: Breaking the ChainsCHAPTER 6: Where He StandsCHAPTER 7: Why They’re So AfraidCHAPTER 8: Let’s Just Imagine…CHAPTER 9: In His Own Words…CHAPTER ...
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