Lynn Thomas
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 22

BATS bring visions of vampires and full moons, but in reality bats are very beneficial - and bat dung - or bat guano has been prized for centuries for its benefits. Today, organic gardeners may be surprised to discover how easy it is to use this treasure from the ancient Incas. Although organic gardening has been popular for a long time, prices increasing at the grocery stores, our fast-paced lifestyles and pressures to live healthy and eat right, some are looking for more ways to save money and grow their own fruits and vegetables. Bat guano serves multiple purposes; it cleans the soil, it conditions the soil, it can be a fungicide, it reduces worms, has an excellent NPK balance, and can serve many purposes - all beneficial to today's do-it-yourself gardener.Inside you'll discover uses for guano you may never have imagined, and various recipes for bat guano tea to nourish your lawn, to ...
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