Honesty and Friends
ASIN: B0099A31JE
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 166

So… you're thinking of leaving a control-freak. Will you remember to ask him nicely? Have you checked it's alright with him for you take the children? Can you have his permission to be happier without him, please? You, the woman with all spirit crushed, will face a frightening new game with a man who never plays fair. You need truth from the ones who've been where you are now.Many authors assume that the control stops the day you leave him. But what happens when you cannot relocate far away? What happens when he still controls you through the children after you've left him? And how do you stop yourself running back whenever he turns on the charm? Much of the advice out there on emotional abuse is written by professionals who explain the reasons for his behaviour. While it might help to know why he does what he does, there comes a time when you have to stop caring about his problems ...
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