Brandon Meyers
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 362

This is a humorous story about the zombie invasion of Las Vegas.Many things are lost in Las Vegas: innocence, paychecks, Little Scotty’s college fund. But the worst of humanity. Once a man’s been bitten by lady luck, the hunger becomes infectious, and before he knows it he’ll chew the arm off the guy sitting next to him just to win a hand of poker. Especially if he’s a zombie.Las Vegas has been overrun by flesh-eating, undead monsters that are now flooding the Strip and obliterating everything in their wake—cars, tourists, and even casinos. First on their path of destruction: the Olympus, Las Vegas’s premiere hotel and casino, which is currently housing a human buffet-line that’s been trapped inside by a poorly thought-out, self-locking alarm.Amid the chaos of hungry zombies are a handful of survivors not yet food for the slow (but persistent) ...
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