Tim Ferguson
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 404

A Modern Technology, An Ancient Faith, One Compelling Adventure It began as a vacation out west for Jim Wagner and his family…until Jim discovers his brother, particle physicist Dr. Warren Wagner, is missing from his Nevada home. The mystery leads to the desert laboratory of corporate giant Forsythe-Hammond. There Jim discovers the truth behind Warren’s disappearance and its connection to the company’s deepest secrets, a technology where faith and science collide. It’s the beginning of a thrilling and dangerous adventure to rescue his brother.Jim is joined by the affable Lyle Bumgardner, particle physicist and atheist at heart; and by Dr. Lawrence Macklin, devout Christian and Biblical scholar. Their odyssey becomes destiny, a struggle for survival and a quest for truth, leading them to a place where Christian faith and secular atheism alike will be put to the test… "How do I ...
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