Ralph St. John Featherstonehaugh
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 136

The new owner of a shop discovers his predecessor’s journal and embarks on an emotional journey that will change the course of his own life. As he reads the bookseller’s diary he becomes gripped by a compelling curiosity to know more about the man and imbued with the desire to reveal the past of which he never spoke.“Despite the image the outside world may have had of him, Truelove most certainly had his lighter side. I knew from the outset that he was dead, because that was the reason given for the property coming on to the market. It was cruelly frustrating to think that I might have passed him on the street and not known who he was. I also felt a deep sense of regret at never having had occasion to seek out the bookshop when he was still alive. Through his journal I got to know the man in a way surpassed by only one other person, and that story began where the silk bookmark had been ...
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