Lawrence Bohme
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 249

Lawrence Bohme's whimsically told but scrupulously faithful "personal history" of his first 41 years is entitled My Very Long Youth because "due to a force beyond my control I only started growing up, or calming down, after that age". His erratic wanderings throughout the Western World, in the four decades following the war in the midst of which Lawrence was born, have been enough "without wasting a single word" to fill sixteen "novel-length" parts or "books" which explore the scope of his wanderlust and his insatiable curiosity for humankind in general "and women in particular". The eclectic author - "a half-European, half-American child of the second half of the 20th century" - describes his opus as simultaneously "a retrospective diary, an eye-witness history book, an idiosyncratic collection of drawings and photographs, a one-way, slow-motion travel guide, a movie made up of stills ...
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