June Kessler
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The Art Of perfect Bread BakingMake the Perfect LoafMaking bread requires little more than your hands, an oven and patience. The recipe for success is simple; time and warmth are all it takes to transform a few basic ingredients into springy silky dough that bakes to a crackly, crusted loaf. It is like most things- easy when you know how, with practice makes perfect. If we had to choose one single phrase that I feel is essential to bread making, it would be this; bread is alive, growing entity and, the product of it’s ingredients and surroundings; it responds to its environment- “treat the rising dough as if it were alive’’ While we advocate the use of scales, warmers and thermometers, remember that observation is the baker’s traditional tool. The more you make bread, the better your bread will be.˃˃˃ A Gallery Of BreadsA world of possibilities! In the gallery of breads of breads which ...
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