Allie Gail
Publisher: Allie Gail
Pages: 160

Life can change in the blink of an eye.With one cruel act of desertion, Anna Moore's world is turned upside down. Her drug-addicted mother has abandoned her, fleeing the country with a known embezzler, and now Anna is being sent to live with an uncle she hasn't seen in ten years.Leaving behind a childhood of deprivation and neglect, life with easygoing Uncle Phil seems more like a fairy tale than reality. The sixteen-year-old's life is suddenly filled with happiness, new friends and stability. And when she falls in love for the first time, Anna begins to believe that dreams really can come true.It doesn't take Alex Somerville long to become smitten with the pretty new girl next door. But even as their relationship intensifies, one thing is certain - the past will not remain buried for either of them. A violent figure is stalking Anna, while Alex harbors a shocking secret of his own. And ...
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