Brother Bedford
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 52

If you want to know the secrets of Entrepreneurship, Black Business, and Black Economics, then you're about to discover how Black Millionaires run successful businesses right now!In fact, if you want to be an effective communicator or media mogul, then this new book - "Conversations With Black Millionaire Entrepreneurs: No-Non Sense Lessons From those Who've Been There, Done That! Vol.2" - gives you the answers to numerous important questions and challenges every black entrepreneur faces, including:- How be an Effective Speaker & Developing Communication skills- Developing your Mindset & Mental Conditioning- Overcoming Sexism- The importance of a Banking Relationship- Most Important traits for Business Owner... and more!So, if you're serious about wanting a successful business and you want to know how to be an effective communicator and media mogul, then you need to grab a copy of ...
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