Christopher David Allen
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THE PROVEN FUN WAY to GET FIT and REVERSE or AVOID DISEASE By International Best Selling … Amazon #1 Best Selling AuthorCHRISTOPHER DAVID ALLEN The Extraordinary Benefits of Rebounding … No Other Form of Exercise Can Compare: WEIGHT LOSS (86% are overweight) - Research shows that rebounding burns more calories:11 times faster than walking5 times faster than swimming3 times faster than runningNASA - Our space program has called rebounding “The most efficient and effective exercise yet devised by man” and “68% more efficient than jogging”.GENTLE - A rebounder decreases shock to the joints by as much as 87%, compared to walking, jogging, or jumping on the ground.FLUSH LYMPHATIC SYSTEM - The only exercise that cleanses the lymph system. It only takes two minutes of rebounding to flush toxins and waste from the body.CELL STRENGTHENING - During rebound exercise, every one of ...
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