Lorilee Lippincott
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 89

Need a bit more simple in your life but unsure where to start? Simple Living is written for you. Using minimalist principles I have created a 30 day course, taking less than 1 hour a day that I guarantee will give you a simpler life.Simple Living‘s 30 days balances both tangible clutter as well as intangible clutter. This is not a course about cleaning. This course and these lessons are about change. Not only will you have a simpler and cleaner home after this course but the steps have been put in place for it to stay that way.This course is created to tackle thirty different clutter areas, showing you where they are and how to start working with them. After the course you will have the skills and tools to keep working in the areas that you personally still need to work in.This course is created to answer the question “Where do I begin?” and “How do I start?”If you will commit ...
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