Sh' Moore
Publisher: ShMooreBooks
Pages: 196

Does God forgive sinners who enjoy their sins? Is there forgiveness for the adulteress that indulges in the coveting of her lover? Can a marriage survive after both have cheated? These questions linger as readers of Sh' Moore's A Lover's Redemption take in the lives of the Kennedy family. Shamia Kennedy is in love with her husband as much as she is with herself. She knows that he loves her, but she misses the attention he once lavished upon her. In her means to occupy her time, she becomes intrigued by a conversation she has in an internet chat room. One that leads to more private conversations and soon leads to secluded hotel bedrooms Once she has had the amazingly sexual gratification Devion Johnson brings, her selfish indulgence takes over, and she strings him along for her pleasure. Toying with his caring heart yields Shamia's next big faux pas- pregnancy. Shamia has complications ...
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