Jessie Jules
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 21

Kayla Lopez is just another secretary from the temping agency to fill in for young Billionaire Brent Ewan. But when their first meet and greet turns into a full on sex fest Kayla wonders if it could become a permanent position.Excerpt:Brent swivelled around in his leather recliner and studied the metropolis skyline. The early evening light turned faint orange against the silhouetted urban sprawl. Towering shapes faded into gray on the horizon.Then he picked up the phone again and connected with the front desk."Marlene, what's next?""Ms Kayla Lopez from the agency is waiting to see you, Mr Ewan," replied the formal Marlene."Ah yes, send her in, you can go home now." He cut the line, not waiting for a response.He wondered what she would be like compared to the last girl. She had been a beautiful petite blonde with a pert tight body and had worn black seamed stockings under her short ...
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