Mark A. Finley
ASIN: B009G9L7Q2
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Pages: 127

Terrorist threats, school violence, devastating tornadoes, a shaky economy, the rising nuclear threat in Iran and North Korea--it's enough to frighten anybody unless you understand what's behind today's headlines. This book provides answers to the confusing dilemma this world is facing. You will experience hope as you read each chapter. As we explore what the Bible says about what is really going on in our world, you will discover answers that satisfy your head and speak to your heart. There is some incredibly good news in this book by Mark Finley. The Biblical teaching of the return of our Lord does raise some questions. How will Jesus come? Is it a secret, silent coming or a majestic glorious event? What events will precede Jesus' return? Has our Lord Himself given us end-time signs that signal His coming is near? What is the meaning of Armageddon and the Tribulation? What about ...
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