Gary C. Daniels
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 58

Mayan prophecies predicted the return of Kukulkan, a green "sky serpent" associated with death and destruction especially floods and severe storms, between the years 1993-2012. Coincidentally, in August 2004 a new green comet was discovered and named Comet Machholz. Since the return and discovery of Comet Machholz in August 2004 Earth has experienced some of the most severe storms, earthquakes, and tsunamis in recorded history. Some of the most severe space weather including the most powerful solar flares and gamma ray bursts in recorded history also occurred since 2004. That year also had the most naked-eye visible comets ever recorded which suggests an increase in the amount of space debris entering the solar system thereby increasing the odds of an impact with Earth. It was also in 2004 that NASA scientists discovered the asteroid Apophis was on a collision course with Earth. Climate ...
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