Donovan Scherer
Publisher: Studio Moonfall LLC
Pages: 52

Monsters, Mad Science, and the End of a DynastyFor the true tale of terror and tie-dye to begin, the house of monsters must fall!For generations, the Darksmith family has constructed, concocted, or otherwise created the minions of the world’s most wicked foes. Be they armies of undead warriors or hordes of the most vicious beasts, they all know Darksmith Manor as their birthplace. But one creature, born by the sum of all fears, wanted more than to serve any master. After declaring himself as the rightful heir as the maker of monsters, the creature known as Fear soon found that the Duke & Duchess of Darksmith Manor were about to have their first child. ˃˃˃ Illustrated by the AuthorFear & Sunshine: Prelude introduces the world of the epic series of monsters, mad science, and a little hippie girl.˃˃˃ Be sure to read the whole adventure!If you’re ready for a fun-filled adventure ...
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