Dan Currell
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 61

If you're a cyclist who has thought about racing on the track but never quite taken the plunge, this is perfect for you. The book provides a blow-by-blow guide to the details of getting yourself up and running with track cycling - technique, gearing, equipment, training and other considerations. It's a practical guide, so the goal here isn't to provide in-depth treatment of any topic, but rather to cover the spectrum of things that you need to know to start racing on the track. I wrote it after making that same transition myself: I was an experienced road racer and track novice, and over the course of the last eight seasons I've come to know the track sport better than I ever knew road racing. Along the way, however, I had to learn far too many things the hard way because there was nothing (at least not in English) written down to answer all of my questions. This short book is intended ...
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