Thomas B. Dowd III
ASIN: B009I427LO
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 217

2013 Honorable Mention at the New England Book Festival in the Business categoryThe author is a recovering cynic whose own professional growth is detailed based on lessons learned in over twenty years in a business environment. Tom's experience in the corporate world proves that only a small number of leaders rise to the top. The experiences shared will teach the reader to work smarter—not harder—to thrive in corporate chaos where the current economic conditions have taught the employed and unemployed alike to simply try to survive. Everyone has room to grow. The target audience of corporate leaders, stagnant or disengaged employees, prospective employees, or simply individuals wanting to reach higher goals, is reinforced with tips ranging from common mistakes made in the workplace to techniques every leader should possess. The messages are simple and relate to anyone who has ever ...
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