Charlene Christie
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 49

Eat Without the Fear of Gaining Weight This Holiday SeasonApproach The Holiday Food Fest With The Proper PreparationThe Holiday Season is upon us again and for many that means one thing, weight gain. Did you know that by drinking certain teas after your meal you can block the absorption of the fat in the meal?  Did you know that you can drink certain teas that will help you release water weight and bloating so that you can still maintain a slim looking waist line even when you have eaten a lot?  I'm not worried about gaining weight this holiday season are you?  I know what I have to do right after I eat a large meal that is not the healthiest, do you?  If you want to be prepared for the holidays instead of being set back after the holidays buy this book.  How much is not gaining 5-10 pounds over the holidays worth to you?  Some people would says hundreds, others thousands.  Today ...
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